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Stopped On Suspicion Of Drunk Driving In Brooklyn?

When you are stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, the police officer will ask you to perform several roadside field sobriety tests. These are meant to give an indication of whether or not a person may be intoxicated by alcohol or drugs or both, at the time they were stopped. By law in New York DWI’s, you are required to submit to a breathalyzer test if requested by an officer.

Refusal And Arrest

After submitting to the roadside tests and/or a Breathalyzer test, if you fail or refuse, then you will be arrested and taken to a police station for further testing. In New York DWI’s refusing a breathalyzer test carries the same penalties as a DWI conviction.

What Happens After Formal DWI Charges

After being formally charged with DWI in New York, you will be arraigned and asked to enter a plea. Most DWI cases are resolved by plea bargains rather than going to trial. In many DWIs the sentence imposed is probation for three years or more, fines, fees and surcharges, DWI school and license revocations. New York’s DWI laws are complex and penalties vary depending on the DWI case. For instance, DWI’s involving a car accident with injuries, DWI’s involving minors, and DWI’s involving DWI repeat offenders will generally carry more severe sentences.

Top DWI Attorney Mark Cossuto

Mark Cossuto has successfully represented clients charged with DWIs in New York State. A DWI conviction can lead to jail time and costly fines and surcharges imposed by the court. DWI’s are considered very serious offenses in New York, but an experienced DWI lawyer can help.

A Lot Is At Stake, Get Ahead Of Your Defense

Mark Cossuto understands what is at stake when you are facing DWI charges in New York. Many people think that they can handle a DWI case on their own without the help of an attorney, but this may not be the case. DWI cases are complicated and the DWI laws in New York can be confusing.

Don’t Make Any Statements To Authorities Without Having A Lawyer Present

In New York DWI’s, you should not make any statements to police officers after being arrested for DWI without having a lawyer present. Statements made by persons charged with DWIs to law enforcement officials will usually be used against them in court. Do not speak to law enforcement except to ask for an attorney.

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