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After you’ve been arrested for a DUI, you should hire a criminal defense lawyer who can represent your legal rights and best interests. Here’s how. 

1. Make Your Next Move As Soon As Possible 

After you’re arrested for drinking and driving, the police immediately begin putting together evidence to prove their case against you. Failure to respond with your own legal defense strategy can cost you your case and leave you with an unfavorable verdict. It’s crucial that you don’t delay when reaching out to criminal defense attorneys who may be able to assist you. 

2. Interview Multiple Attorneys   

You don’t have to hire the first lawyer you meet and you shouldn’t; it’s in your best interests to meet with more than one attorney to get a feel for their approach to your case and how well you might work together. Decide on a lawyer after you’ve met and spoken with several about your case details. 

3. Learn the Basics With Free Consultations 

The consultation process can help you get a feel for how a defense lawyer would approach your case. As you meet with attorneys, note how they each respond to the evidence on the table and their suggested defense strategies. Look for patterns where different attorneys may be saying the same thing; chances are, it’s something you’ll want to pay special attention to. 

4. Take Paper and a Pen With You  

When you meet with each lawyer you have a scheduled consultation with, bring a notebook or a piece of paper and a pen to write down notes. Ideally, you’ll have written down questions to ask already and can simply jot down the answers. If you’re meeting with more than one lawyer before you decide to hire one, a dedicated notebook for this purpose can be helpful. 

5. Decide Which DUI Lawyer Will Represent You

After you’ve interviewed the attorneys you’re interested in working with, narrow down your choices by looking for the lawyer with whom you were most comfortable and who had the most experience representing clients in similar situations to yours. 

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