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How Do I Get My Life Back After a DWI Charge? 

Drinking and driving can cost a lot. If you’ve been charged with a DWI, you may be wondering how you can get your life back after your arrest. Here’s what to know and how to get the help you need after being charged with driving your vehicle under the influence. 

Get Addiction Counseling 

First thing’s first – treat the problem at its source. You may be addicted to drugs or alcohol and may need rehabilitation. Sign up ahead of time for drug and alcohol counseling. Chances are, the court is going to order it anyway, but being proactive can illustrate to the court that you regret your actions and are working to make things right on your own. 

Avoid Triggering Situations  

Don’t get into situations where you may be offered drugs or alcohol. Even if you’re not suffering from addiction, it’s critical to the outcome of your case that you stay sober during the proceedings. Avoid going out to bars or clubs and don’t hang out with friends who will be using substances around you or who will offer you substances. If you are struggling with addiction, this is an important step in overcoming your condition. 

Ask Family and Friends for Help 

Reach out to family and friends that may be able to help you during this difficult time. Perhaps you need someone to pet sit for you while you complete a rehab program, or you need financial help with fines. Call people who will support you, even if they can’t do anything but listen. Having people around you who want you to be sober and who you want to stay sober for can really help you on your journey to rebuilding your life after a drinking and driving incident. 

Hire a DWI Lawyer in Brooklyn

Your best advocate is an experienced DWI attorney who can defend your rights under New York law. A lawyer will work with you to strategize the strongest possible defense given the circumstances of your case and the evidence available. Don’t try to represent yourself and consider hiring a private attorney over a public defender for the best results. 

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