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It can be very nerve wracking to be arrested for DWI in Brooklyn. You might not have all of your wits about you and are probably concerned about possible criminal consequences of a conviction. Even though this is an anxiety provoking situation, try to remain calm.

Your first instinct should be to contact a DWI defense attorney in Brooklyn immediately. The police might try to play good cop-bad cop with you and ask that you answer their questions. Remember that you do not have to answer every question presented to you by a police officer- instead, remain silent and ask for your lawyer.

In fact, it can be a big mistake to do so as you may end up providing more information than is necessary or say something misleading that could come back to haunt you after the fact. After you are placed under arrest, the officer will take you to an official precinct location to complete the intoxicated driver testing unit. At that point other officers would be tasked with administering the breathalyzer test.

The officer will also tell you at this point that if you refuse to take this test, your license will be revoked. He or she is required to say that to you directly. If you do take the breathalyzer test, there will then be a reading and the police officer will request that you complete various coordination tests.

You are likely to be asked additional questions at this point in time or even be asked for a writing sample. In the event that you are going to be charged with a DUI, typically between 12 and 24 hours after this point, you will go in front of a judge for what is known as an arraignment.

The judge will listen to your criminal defense attorney and the district attorney at this time. You should have a criminal defense attorney for this phase as it could be essential for getting you released without bail. Be prepared for a Brooklyn DWI charge by retaining an attorney you can count on and exercising your right to speak to one immediately.