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After being convicted of a DWI charge, you will likely be required to attend an alcohol education class. This is a program intended to reduce the recidivism rate among DWI offenders by providing them with the information they need to make better choices in the future.

During a DWI class, you will undergo:

A Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

At the beginning of your DWI education, you’ll start with a comprehensive assessment of your drug and alcohol usage. The staff at the facility will want to get an idea of your general habits so they can recommend the most appropriate education program.

Group and/or Individual Counseling

Most DWI education programs offer group counseling and some have individual counseling. Digging deeper into your thoughts and emotions with others who experience the same things can help you identify why you’re seeking an escape through drugs or alcohol. Then, you can begin to resolve the core of the problem instead of just its symptoms.
Basic Alcohol and Drug Education

DWI school also offers foundational education about how drugs and alcohol affect the body’s circulatory, respiratory, and other critical systems. You’ll discover how much alcohol it takes to reach levels of unsafe intoxication and what consequences you can expect from consuming that amount. You’ll also learn other risks of alcohol and drug use, including less noticeable but still problematic issues like difficulty paying attention, irritability, and more.

WI & Accident Education

You’ll also be given the opportunity to learn about how DWI accidents occur and the potential consequences of causing a drunk driving collision. Often, DWI education programs use graphic materials such as videos or photographs of past accidents.

Or, they may have former accident victims or their family members come in to speak about how someone’s decision to drink and drive impacted their family. This part of the program is intended to deter offenders from choosing to drink and drive again.

How to Get Help Protecting Your Rights After a DWI Arrest

It’s important to protect your legal rights after a criminal charge. In a DWI case, you need an attorney who can question the validity of the stop itself and challenge the accuracy of the officer’s observations or the chemical test results. Contact Attorney Mark Cossuto today to learn more about what steps to take after being arrested and charged with drinking and driving. Call now at (718) 852-8047 or toll-free at (800) 609-4545.