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It’s easier to avoid penalties for drinking and driving if you’re never charged with the crime in the first place. Here are some smart consumption tips and how to get legal help if you do get arrested for a DWI. 

Buy a Personal Breathalyzer 

Personal, or portable breathalyzers were once thought to be used either by police during a DWI traffic stop or by people who were given an ignition interlock device after being convicted of drinking and driving. 

However, many responsible drinkers are carrying an affordable, portable breathalyzer test with them in a purse, pocket, or car console to take a proactive approach in making sure you’re under the legal BAC limit. Depending on what your results are, you could be able to just drink some water and have a bite to eat and drive home in an hour or so. 

Or, you may need to arrange for another ride because you won’t be sober enough to drive anytime soon. In some cases, you may be able to arrange to stay over until the next morning or until you sleep it off. 

Know How Many Drinks Is Enough For You 

Every person’s response to drinking alcohol is unique. Some people absorb and excrete it rapidly, whereas others may store alcohol in their system for a longer period. 

The amount of alcohol you personally can metabolize at any given time depends on your own tolerance levels, weight, biological sex, if you’ve eaten, and if you’re taking other medications. Don’t go overboard with your own limitations, and if you do, make sure to hand over your keys to someone you trust.

Prepare for Plan B In Advance 

Don’t wait until you’re already intoxicated to try to plan for another ride home if you’re no longer able to operate your vehicle safely. This can lead to poorly made decisions. Instead, have a contingency plan before you go out in the first place, whether it’s a designated driver, a taxi, or ridesharing. Make the number to call super easy to locate and easy to read. 

Charged With Drinking and Driving Despite Taking Precautions? Get a Lawyer’s Help 

If you were arrested and charged with a DWI despite taking precautions, you need the assistance of an experienced Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer. Reach out to Mark S. Cossuto, Esq. today to learn more about how you can fight drunk driving charges. Call now at (718) 852-8047 or toll free at (800) 609-4545.