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A DWI arrest can lead to not only hefty fines and possibly incarceration, but it can also end in your driver’s license being suspended. When you need to use public transit or rely on family or friends to get to work or school, or even just to go to the grocery store, simple actions like these can become a real issue. Here’s what you need to know about hardship driver’s licenses and how a DWI attorney can help.

Hardship Licenses Defined 

Hardship driver’s licenses are sometimes available for individuals who would have extreme difficulty attending work, school, or meeting other commitments if they have their driving privileges completely revoked. A hardship license allows someone convicted of a DWI in Brooklyn to drive to certain places at certain times. 

Hardship License Eligibility 

Not all defendants that have been convicted of drinking and driving are considered eligible for a hardship license. 

Generally, this special privilege is reserved only for those who are first-time offenders. Individuals with repeat offenses, a history of traffic violations, and/or other criminal offenses on their record may not be able to get a hardship license even if they apply for one. Often, it’s at the discretion of the DMV or the judge presiding over your case. 

Where You Can Drive With a Hardship License 

If you are granted this special type of driver’s license after a DWI, you may be allowed to drive your own vehicle when you go to: 

  • School or work 
  • The doctor’s office 
  • The grocery store 
  • Court 
  • Counseling appointments or rehabilitation meetings 
  • A daycare or babysitter’s house, if the defendant has children 

Your Burden of Proof 

You have the burden of proof to show why you should be allowed to drive certain places. For example, if you have work and you take your children to daycare, you would need to provide documentation of both your job and your children’s enrollment in a daycare facility. 

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Seasoned Brooklyn DWI attorney Mark S. Cossuto, Esq. understands the many challenges defendants face after being convicted of driving and driving, especially if it’s a first-time offense. Attorney Cossuto can assist you in applying for a hardship license after a DWI and can help you gather the documentation needed to meet eligibility guidelines. 

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