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Approximately 1 million Americans are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol each year. When considering the harsh repercussions of drinking and driving, this number is startling. 

One DWI charge has long-term consequences for a person’s reputation, finances, and driving record. Here are some of the lesser known consequences of driving while intoxicated and how to reach out for legal assistance when you need it most.

Embarassment and Damage to Your Public Reputation 

After your arrest, the public will be able to search for your arrest record, mugshot, and your incarceration record. Many businesses have what they call a “zero tolerance” policy regarding employees charged with drug or alcohol offenses. 

Usually, DWI defendants serve at least several hours of  immediate jail time following an arrest, often missing work.  If your job requires you to drive, your employer has sufficient cause to fire you.


Court costs, penalty fines, impound fees, attorney costs, and a variety of additional fees will be assessed after your DWI arrest. Many defendants have difficulty paying these costs immediately after getting out of jail, especially if let go by their employer. Failure to make these payments can have a direct impact on your credit score.

Increased Insurance Premiums 

After a DWI conviction, car insurance premiums can climb by an estimate of $800.00 every year for the next three years. Depending on your insurer,  you could be removed from the policy entirely, or your insurance premiums may be raised to an amount you cannot afford. 

Often, health insurance policies won’t cover alcohol-related accidents, but they will still increase your monthly payment. It’s important to review your  insurance policy carefully, since some expressly state that the presence of alcohol or drugs in a policyholder’s blood will result in the denial of a claim.

License Suspension 

A first-time DWI offender in New York will typically lose their driving privileges for at least 180 days. Multiple DWI convictions often result in harsher punishment and longer license revocation periods. Being unable to drive yourself to school, work, the grocery store, or the doctor’s office can make it difficult to lead a normal life and leaves you relying on friends, family, and public transportation for a ride. 

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