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When you’re arrested, charged, and found guilty for a DWI, life changes quite a bit. You’ll have to adjust to a different way of life for a period of time. Even after you meet your court ordered requirements, you’ll notice some differences as you move forward. Here’s how you can cope with these changes and minimize the impact that penalties have on your life.


If your license was suspended as a result of your DWI, getting around can be difficult. You could apply for a hardship license that allows you limited travel to and from your place of employment. However, this isn’t guaranteed. While there is a great deal of public transportation available in Brooklyn, you need to prepare for the extra time and money needed for taxis, ridesharing, and buses. Give yourself plenty of time to get to work or other appointments and expect delays.

Mandatory Counseling

Typically, drug and alcohol counseling is required for a period of time following a DWI arrest. You will likely have a probation officer who you need to report your attendance to. Note that you’ll only be able to miss counseling every so often for reasons like illness, or a death in the family. Part of your sentence will likely be the successful completion of an accredited counseling program. If, for some reason, you are unable to complete the program, discuss this with your probation officer.


Some employers are changing how they hire. They may no longer look at criminal records, and others still do background checks. This is especially true in cases of certain types of work, such as childcare. Be aware that you may have difficulty keeping your current job through the DUI trial if you miss a lot of work due to not having transportation or are late due to taking public transportation, and you may also have difficulty finding a new job as a result of your criminal record. Consider job and career programs that may be offered by the court or the city.

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