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You may be concerned about the loss of your license after being arrested for a DUI or a DWI in the state of New York. This is because there are both criminal and administrative penalties that may apply to your case depending on the circumstances about how you were arrested and the allegations of the DUI itself. You may be concerned about being able to get to work and do other important errands and responsibilities in your life if you were to have your license suspended.

A conditional license maybe provided to certain people but you must take action sooner rather than later and hire an experienced Brooklyn DWI lawyer immediately after you have been accused. If you let too much time lapse or don’t prepare the proper documentation, you could lose out on your opportunity to get this protection. A conditional license allows you to go to medical treatment, court, work, your children’s daycare or school and a drug or alcohol treatment program and any of your own classes at a college or accredited school.

You are only allowed to use a conditional license during a specific time period that is approved by the court. If you violate the rules established by the court related to your conditional license, then the license is revoked permanently. This is why you need to understand all the terms and conditions of this license as soon as it has been given to you. If you were arrested with a BAC of higher than a 0.08, your license is likely going to be suspended during the trial.

Your attorney may file for a hardship privilege. A hardship privilege will allow you to get to work and school. After 30 days, you could get the conditional license so long as there are no other DWAI or DUI violations on your record in the past five years and so long as you did not refuse the blood, urine or breath test. You need to consult with your experienced DWI attorney as soon as possible after being accused to give yourself the best possible chance to move forward.