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Do you think that you’re safe because you were recently accused of a DUI but this is the first time it’s ever happened? If so, it’s a mistake to assume you’re in the clear.

Being accused of a DWI in New York is serious. The criminal as well as administrative penalties for a DWI in New York can vary depending on the blood alcohol concentration and the impairment level of the driver. In a situation in which an officer identifies that the driver’s blood alcohol content is 0.18 or higher, this could be classified as an aggravated DWI and carry additional penalties.

There are also many other circumstances that could impact the penalties imposed for even a first offense DWI. It is a mistake to assume that just because this is a first offense situation that you will not be facing significant consequences and penalties. You need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney who is thoroughly knowledgeable about DWI issues in order to pursue a proper criminal defense strategy.

There are numerous different classifications associated with impaired drivers. Even for a first offense, the consequences can be serious.

The administrative penalties can include a license suspension, but you may also be looking at a DWI suspension with criminal consequences. For those drivers charged with a first offense DWI in New York, there is no minimum jail time, but you could receive a jail sentence of up to one year depending on the circumstances. This may also require use of an ignition interlock device as well as fines. A DWI conviction can stay on your record for several years making it all the more important to retain the right attorney to represent you and your interests going forward.

A DWI, even for the first time you have ever been accused of such an offense, is a serious problem and with the criminal and administrative penalties involved is well worth discussing directly with an experienced DWI lawyer. With so many different things to consider, you cannot afford to wait.