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If you have the right resources and have maintained an attorney as soon as possible after being accused of DWI, it is completely possible to win a DUI or DWI case in New York. This depends primarily upon two factors: how you present the facts in the evidence of the case and the actual facts and evidence of the case. An experienced attorney who has prior DWI experience should be retained immediately to represent you in court.

Someone who focuses specifically on DWI allegations will help you to put together a compelling defense by looking at all of the potential evidence in your favor. The right lawyer can significantly increase your chances of success in your case. Constitutional violations and challenging the levels of alcohol in your blood are two of the primary defense strategies used in these types of cases.

Police reports must be reviewed immediately to identify whether or not any procedural lapses have occurred. The device that was used to conduct the tests needs to be identified quickly and information such as the lab certification and the person who was responsible for maintaining and calibrating it also need to be reviewed. There are many different errors that may emerge in your New York DWI case that can ultimately lead to success in your defense.

These include test results that are spoiled by contamination, insufficient evidence to move forward with a blood alcohol test, lack of reasonable cause for the officer to pull over your car, errors in the breath intoxication and blood tests, a credible witness who can come forward to stipulate that you were not intoxicated, and more. Someone who has prior experience in court will know all of the various strategies available to you. You need the support of a dedicated lawyer to figure out the right strategy for you moving forward.

Your future depends on hiring the right lawyer to protect you, and you can’t afford to wait too long. DWI can follow you for many years to come, so make sure you take the right steps to protect your interests.