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Probable Cause For DWI In Brooklyn 

A law enforcement officer must have probable cause to pull your vehicle over. This means they either need to see you committing a crime or have good reason to believe you have committed a crime. Here’s what you should know about what police look for when they pull someone over for suspected drinking and driving and how you can get legal help if you were arrested. 

Speeding or Running Traffic Lights  

Speeding, running a traffic light, failure to stop at a stop sign, and other traffic infractions are considered indicators that a driver may be operating their vehicle under the influence. Police officers have the right to stop anyone who commits a traffic violation and assess them for drinking and driving. 

Reckless Driving  

Reckless driving is another strong potential indicator that someone is intoxicated. In addition to speeding, this can include swerving, drifting into the other lane or onto the shoulder, overcorrecting your vehicle, sudden braking, and acts of road rage. If negligent drivers are found to be intoxicated, they’ll likely face both DWI and reckless driving charges. 

The Appearance of Intoxication  

As soon as a law enforcement officer approaches your vehicle after stopping it, you’ll be assessed for other signs of impairment. Police officers will check for the smell of alcohol on your breath, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, uncoordinated movements, lack of balance and control, confusion, and the inability to understand directions or what the officer is asking you to do. If you display these signs of intoxication, you will likely be arrested for DWI. 

Evidence in Your Car

As you’re answering questions and obtaining your license and registration, police officers will also be looking inside your vehicle through the windows to check for any evidence that may be in plain sight. They are allowed to do so with a flashlight and if they see any evidence of alcohol or drug use, this enables them to conduct a thorough search of your vehicle without a warrant and even if you contest the search. 

How to Get Help from a Brooklyn DWI Attorney 

Were you pulled over for drinking and driving in Brooklyn? The penalties you face may be harsh, especially if it’s not your first time being charged with DWI. Mark Cossuto is a seasoned DWI defense lawyer who can help you fight for the best possible outcome in your case. Call today for your initial consultation at (718) 852-8047.