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DWI or DWAI charges in the state of New York are all cause for concern, and ones that should prompt you to schedule a consultation directly with an attorney immediately. Even though a first offense DWI or DWAI charge is overwhelming in and of itself with possible consequences, if you are facing subsequent charges, you need to take your future very seriously by finding an attorney who has extensive experience in subsequent charges. A third offense driving while intoxicated charge in New York, which might also be referred to by other people as a DUI, can lead to very high costs and severe consequences.

Did you know that the state of New York can charge this as a class D felony with a possible prison sentence of as long as seven years? Your legal fees and fines surrounding fighting back against a third offense DUI can go higher than $10,000.

If you have already been convicted of two DWIs, two DWAIs, or one of each charge within the past ten years and you are being convicted of a new one, class D felony charges may be assessed. If at least one of the two previous offences, however, was a DWAI involving alcohol only, the third DUI will likely be charged as a class E felony, a misdemeanor or a second offense DWI. The penalties for a third offense felony DWI in New York can go as high as $10,000.

Besides the fines that are tied to these charges, the stakes are very high for your reputation to be damaged due to establishing multiple DUIs on your criminal record. Having a lawyer to argue on your behalf helps.

Furthermore, there is a minimum license suspension for a third offense DWI of one year. However, there are other obstacles that may be associated with a repeat offender attempting to get their license reinstated. You should talk directly with your Brooklyn DWI lawyer to learn more about the steps you need to take to protect yourself immediately after being accused.