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If your vehicle was taken in conjunction with a driving while intoxicated charge, in some situations, the police may enable you to get your car back. You may be able to get your vehicle back if you were not arrested before and specifically not arrested for a DWI charge. If you do not have a very high blood alcohol level at the time of your arrest, and that there were no aggravating factors. Common aggravating factors in Brooklyn DWI cases include damage to property or injuries for people.

The police department may contact you directly to present a settlement offer, and you will likely have to go through a treatment program in order to get your vehicle back. If you do accept a settlement, you give up your right to an official hearing. The police are eligible to hold your vehicle until the treatment program is completed or until someone from the program verifies that you do not have an alcohol or drug program. If you fail to complete the treatment program, the police officers will likely not return your car. You need to coordinate with your criminal defense attorney to find out if there is a treatment program that may enable you to help get your vehicle back. You must follow the right steps in order to get your car back.

Bear in mind that not all treatment programs are created equally and you need to identify one that gives you the best possible chance to recover your vehicle sooner rather than later, particularly, if you need it in order to get to work. Consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney, it’s strongly recommended as soon as possible after you have been arrested for DWI, as a lawyer can jump into action quickly  and evaluate the evidence in the case to determine whether or not the police officers made any mistakes. Having an attorney as your ally is very valuable during an otherwise difficult situation.