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If you are caught driving under the influence, the judge overseeing your case has the authority to impose a number of different punishments. Fines, jail, license suspension, DUI courses, and summary or formal probation can all come from a DWI conviction. In addition, the judge may require you to wear a GPS tracking device, SCRAM device, or other ankle bracelet. Keep reading to learn more and to find out how to get help from a Brooklyn DWI defense attorney.

What Is a SCRAM Device?

After a conviction, you may be instructed to wear a SCRAM device (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor). If so, you must do so at all times and you are prohibited from removing the bracelet. By utilizing a technique known as transdermal alcohol testing, a SCRAM bracelet monitors your blood alcohol content (BAC) via your sweat. The monitor then delivers BAC information to a specialized monitoring center every half hour. If the SCRAM equipment detects alcohol in your blood, the court will be notified.

When a drunk driving offender is directed not to consume alcohol as a condition of their probation or home confinement, a SCRAM tracker may be authorized. In addition, judges have the jurisdiction to order alcohol monitoring for recurrent DWI offenders or in circumstances where the defendant has a dependence on or addiction to alcohol.

What Is the Difference Between SCRAM & House Arrest?

Being put on house arrest and being ordered to undergo SCRAM monitoring are different penalties, yet both may be imposed by a judge based on the specific facts of your DWI case. If you are placed under house arrest, you may be required to wear only one tracking device. Or, you may be required to wear a SCRAM bracelet as well as a standard ankle band for GPS tracking.

How Much Does an Ankle Bracelet Cost & Who Pays?

If a judge sentences you to BAC surveillance, you must call an accredited SCRAM vendor in New York. You must make your own arrangements with the vendor to have the device placed. Then, you will have to pay for  both the device and the daily tracking fee. A SCRAM device generally costs $50 to $100. The daily tracking costs for a SCRAM device could come to as much as $12 per day, or $15 er day for both house arrest and BAC monitoring.

How to Get Help After a DWI Arrest From a Brooklyn New York DWI Attorney

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