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Being accused of DWI is serious in any state but you should always take an allegation of driving while impaired in New York extremely seriously particularly if you’ve already been convicted in the past. The easiest way to avoid a DWI charge is to never get behind the wheel when you have consumed alcohol.

It is illegal to drive after your mental and physical abilities have been impaired by an intoxicating substance. Not driving if you’ve had anything to drink and planning ahead are the best ways to steer clear of an allegation of a DWI.

A DWI in the state of New York is a serious criminal matter that can lead to a long time for resolution, cause an arrest or criminal record that can follow you for many years to come or could even cost you your license. A couple of tips can be implemented to help you avoid a DWI charge in New York in the first place. These can include:

·      Calling a family member or a friend to pick you up if you have been drinking and suspect that you may be impaired to a level that could harm your driving.

·      Determine who will be the designated driver for the night before having any alcoholic drinks.

·      Using public transportation or a taxi service to get home since the cost of these transportation methods will be much less than defending against a DWI charge.

·      Spend the night at a friend’s house or a nearby hotel. This will be much easier than trying to go to work the next morning or getting home after spending the night in jail.

If you have already been accused of DWI in Brooklyn, time is of the essence. You cannot afford to wait to get legal help. The support of an experienced and knowledgeable DWI lawyer may be the only way for you to avoid criminal charges and a record that follows you. Whether you think you were wrongfully accused or even if you’re not sure of your options after being pulled over for what might have been legitimate DWI charges, an attorney stands up to protect your rights.