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Not every DWI in the state of New York is classified as a felony. However, there are certain circumstances that can elevate your existing DWI to felony level status. If you have been accused of a DWI on a felony level, you need an experienced Brooklyn criminal defense attorney to help you. There are many different factors taken into police consideration regarding the charges you will face.

These include whether or you have any previous DWI related charges from the past. If you have been convicted of a felony DWI, you might be looking at a lengthy prison sentence and other negative consequences on your record that could limit your opportunities in the future. Whether or not you go to jail for a DWI allegation in New York, depends on your previous DWI convictions as well and the specifics of the charge you are facing. You could face jail time even if you had a low alleged blood alcohol content and this was your first offense.

The only way to know for sure is to retain the services of an experienced DWI defense lawyer to understand what has happened in your case and the specifics on the line. A DWI arrest can be challenged and it is indeed possible to win when you have a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to help you.

Plenty of drivers have successfully challenged a DWI arrest made on many different grounds including those charged at the felony level, but you can only do this and get necessary peace of mind when you have a highly qualified DWI defense attorney in New York who can help you avoid common pitfalls and inform you about each phase. Don’t wait to get help from a DWI defense attorney particularly if you have been accused of felony level charges.