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New  York DWI Incident Report

A police report is collected at the scene of a car accident, but officers also must record what happens when they make an arrest. This means that if you were pulled over and charged with DWI in Brooklyn, there’s a report out there about the incident.

Do I Need to See the DWI Police Report in My Case?

The first time that you analyze your Brooklyn DWI police report, this becomes your opportunity to identify evidence that could help you to win at trial or to have your case dismissed. If you retain the right Brooklyn DWI defense attorney, he or she might even raise questions about the alleged evidence inside this report and fight for dismissal before your case ever makes it to trial.

This is a best possible outcome and one that should be discussed directly with your lawyer as soon as possible after you have been accused. Only a Brooklyn DWI defense attorney will understand how the specifics of your case are connected to your possible outcomes. It can be very shocking to review your Brooklyn DWI police report for the first time.

Is a Brooklyn DWI Report Always Accurate?

Police officers often enter plenty of information that appears inaccurate to you, in order to enhance the reasoning behind why they pulled you over or charged you with DWI. They might state, for example, that your speech was slurred or that you were unable to walk out of the vehicle without assistance. This can be a shock to a person who believes that they were wrongly arrested for DWI.

Your DWI defense attorney will have several basic questions that need to be addressed after you have reviewed the police report, such as;

  • Do you have any reason to doubt field sobriety test accuracy?
  • Do you have any witnesses who could contradict any of the aspects inside the officer’s report?
  • Do you doubt the validity of urine, blood, or breath test outcomes?
  • Will your testimony contradict that which is named in the police report and would you make a good witness?

You can only determine these facts and ideas by consulting with your attorney prior to initiating the case.